Bookkeeping — Barland Services Ltd

We were incorporated in May 1999 as an offsite bookkeeping administration bureau. Since then we have developed and evolved with new legislation and to our client’s needs. We are proud providers of professional bookkeeping services to businesses in the UK.

Our core range of services includes data entry and production of:

  • Sales ledger
  • Purchase ledger
  • Nominal ledger
  • Control accounts
  • Year-end accounts
  • VAT returns

Our bookkeeping system is maintained with the use of cutting-edge financial management software, provided by Sage. Data is processed either ‘in house’ or at the client’s premises.

Our responsibilities to our clients include: Whole business development, client services and liaison, software and systems sourcing, overseeing work produced as well as hands on data entry.

Why use offsite services?

The trend for outsourcing business functions such as bookkeeping has grown at a phenomenal rate in recent years.

Predictions indicate that this trend will continue as more organisations look to concentrate upon their core values, in order to obtain a competitive advantage.

The use of outsourcing as a business tool has had a major impact upon business structures in the western world. It has allowed them to streamline their operations, thus making them more dynamic.

Bookkeeping is an ideal function to outsource; it is a non-core activity that can be easily separated from other areas of the business. As a result, operating costs can be easily reduced without having a negative effect on operations.

The importance to organisations of reducing costs is highlighted in research; this is why Barland Services Ltd aims to provide not only a top-quality service, but also work with its clients and potential clients to try to help them reduce the costs incurred by bookkeeping.

Research has identified the following drivers for outsourcing:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve quality of service and delivery
  • Improve organisational focus
  • Increase flexibility
  • Facilitate change

Reliable, professional service

Barland Services Ltd can process your bookkeeping data quickly and professionally, all for a reasonable price. We can calculate your VAT returns, run your purchase and sales ledger, and run and send statements to your debtors if required.

Accounting data is processed on a monthly basis from records made available to us.

If our work is completed “in house” all data for processing will need to be sent to us by post. We can run any reports from the data that’s required, and an electronic copy can be provided at no extra cost.

Every business is different… contact us and we can advise if our services are appropriate for your company. There’s no fee and you’re not obliged to go ahead with any service we may recommend.

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